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Destinations PTC, through its level of ordering, invariably enjoy access to terms not generally available to other transport users.

Single Point Processing

Using Destinations PTC means one point of contact, one phone number, a dedicated Operations Manager, one set of terms, agreed credit facilities, one invoice point and a single payment address.

Massive Database

With over 5000 vetted entries in the company’s database, clients can rest assured of availability. It is seldom a problem.

Professional Service

Destinations PTC work with its clients to provide total support insofar as all aspects of passenger transport are concerned.

On-Site Management

When events are being undertaken, complex transport scheduling and time-sensitive shuttle arrangements benefit greatly when on-site management is applied.

Experienced Personnel

Operational staff are well-qualified to advise upon all aspects of hiring, including suitability, performance, reliability and price.

Award-Winning Performance

Destinations PTC have performance awards dating back to 1991.

Traffic Management & Planning

We have an established division which provides both consultancy and hands-on professional traffic management to cope with all those “nightmare” elements which attend every event.